Fluid Chiller Hire

Fluid Chiller Services is an Australian leader in the hire and rental of fluid chillers.

Fluid Chiller Services understand the critical nature of a process and the issues that a break in production and any downtime can cause.

Whether you’re looking to overcome problems with your production, are carrying out a short manufacturing run or perhaps dealing with the logistics of plant renovation or refurbishment, we have the fluid chiller hire solutions you need and we can supply the equipment you require promptly.

In addition, our dedicated fluid chiller specialists will ensure prompt and seamless implementation, whatever the challenge.

Industry sectors we’ve supplied



Beverage & Wine


Chemicals & Plastics


Food Production




Printing & Textiles


Emergency Fluid Chiller Hire

Emergency Fluid Chiller Hire is a fluid chiller hire solution that is utilised by many of our clients when, or if troubles arise with existing equipment. In some cases, clients utilise our chillers as a as a ‘ready to go’ contingency in the event of breakdown with existing their equipment.

Our emergency fluid chiller hire is often a positive solution when an
existing chiller require either repairs or maintenance, by having a back-up chiller on hand so there is no disruption to the process requirements.

Australian Fluid Chiller Hire Coverage

Our fluid chiller rental and hire equipment is based in Melbourne, however, we service the entire Australian East coast, South Australia and everywhere in between!

We offer fast, prompt service on all fluid chiller hire equipment, and our specialists can support your business 24/7.

We offer short, medium and long-term fluid chiller hire options.

Wherever you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Far North Queensland, South Australia, or anywhere in between, our priority is to get you back up and running with minimal disruption and downtime. In emergency breakdown scenarios a fast response is essential and that’s where we can help you!

Fluid Chiller Hire & Rental

In urgent need of a fluid chiller NOW?
Our fluid chiller hire and rental models incorporate the latest fluid chiller technology and are highly reliable and efficient. Our units are easily transportable, quiet and highly efficient.

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Our Mobile Fluid Chillers at a Glance:


  • Physical Trailer Size: 10 ft x 5 ft.
  • Capacity: up to 135kWs with the trailer combined.
  • All chillers are highly maintained on a regular basis so that when the time is needed to be sent to a site they are in a 100% working condition.
  • All our chillers have the best parts fitted with Maneurope compressors and Carel controls.
  • Highly clean, reliable and user-friendly.
  • Extremely quiet and portable.
  • Mobile chillers come complete with a 200 litre mixing tank which can be used to store water coming back from the process and mix with the chiller water. This is usually used if the client has a chiller pump on site that needs to run for the operation.
  • The mobile chiller can also by-pass this mixing tank completely if the client wants to use the mobile chillers own pump to supply chilled water directly to the process.

Fluid Chiller Hire Solutions

Our fluid chiller rental models incorporate the latest fluid chiller technology and are highly reliable. Our units are easily transportable, quiet and highly efficient. For ease of installation and operation, all our chillers come withal necessary accessories including flow switch, integral tank and pump, control gauges and couplings. Fluid Chiller Services can also supply a range of auxiliary equipment depending on your specific requirements.

Long-term Chiller Hire or Rental

Long-term fluid chiller hire agreements offer access to the fluid chiller hire equipment for as long as you need it, or for a fixed term.

So, in essence, you gain from having a more permanent solution in place but without affecting your capital expenditure.
Other benefits include:

  • Tax efficient – keeps equipment off the balance sheet as it’s classed as an operational expense
  • Fixed, regular monthly payments – helps with budgeting
  • Simplified contract management – all service and maintenance costs are built into the rental agreement cost

With flexibility at the heart of every fluid chiller hire agreement, you can be sure of getting the right hire solution for your specific needs.

Our specialists work across a wide range of industry sectors and will be more than happy to give you free advice on the best hire equipment for your application.

Fluid Chiller Services temporary fluid chiller solutions include:

  • Eastern Australian coverage plus South Australia
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week support

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